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Volunteer in Bangladesh

If a country ever deserved true altruistic international volunteers to assist in its development, Bangladesh would be at the top of the list. Previously known as “East Pakistan” and a former British colony, Bangladesh has found a lot of challenges in its development and separation from its previous colonial history. There are so many areas for volunteers to dive in and make a difference and impact in Bangladesh, that it’s almost difficult to start as to where would be the best or most appropriate place to begin.

Volunteers in Dhaka are not only able to contribute, but also able to get a real pulse of the country’s feel, sites, and needs for development.

Bangladesh became part of British India in 1947, but over the waves of time and history and the end of the colonial era, Bangladesh has found itself as a free and independent nation. However, unlike its far off South East Asian nation neighbors of Malaysia and Singapore, Bangladesh has struggled in all areas of its development. For those who have traveled to the region – Bangladesh has twice the population, but half the land area of Thailand. This creates a population crisis of space, and people that is difficult to understand and see in most other nations. Overpopulation here in Bangladesh is a study topic of master degree courses in international development.

We believe that there are not only ways to control this situation, but opportunities where Bangladesh may become a real player on the international stage. However, these developments don’t come easily or quickly. Hence the reason that this is one of the countries where volunteers are most needed, and we hope you (the reader) will take this into account and find a time to provide your time to assist in Bangladesh’s development in pieces, parts and as a whole.

English Teaching Volunteer in Bangladesh

The medium international language of the world has become English. Without the knowledge and ability of the important linguistic skills of English, one’s and one’s country’s will certainly be unable to compete or even communicate, on an international level. The level of English competency in Bangladesh is abysmal. Education as a whole is (if not the most) an area where international volunteers are able to make a huge impact. Assisting in the instruction and training of English as a second language to the students and children of Bangladesh will, over time, make an incredible impact on the country’s and the individual student’s ability to develop.

Bangladesh Orphanage Volunteers

Due to the difficulty and economic challenges present in Bangladesh, a large number of children find themselves in the care of the money and labor staffed government or that of the orphanages operated by private religious organizations. The children of anyone’s nation are the leaders of tomorrow. Providing education, resources, along with simply a hand to hold and arms to hug, our volunteers are able to create differences in the lives of of children who really could use the attention.

Womens Empowerment Volunteer

rom sustainable gardening to bamboo construction, life at the single mothers’ home is about more than just babysitting. As a gardening and construction volunteer, you’ll play a role in steering disadvantaged single mothers onto the path to self-sufficiency. For volunteers, the day starts at around 9:00 am, but you’ll probably find the work in progress when you arrive on the site. The first thing you’ll hear is the two-wheeled “steel buffalo” rattling through the on-site rice paddy. Here on the gateway to the rural north, against a backdrop of jungle-clad mountains, it’s easy to forget that you’re only minutes from Chiang Mai city proper.