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Bangladesh Trafficking Volunteer Project

With almost two million children sold into the sex trade each year, the human trafficking of children is becoming one of the most pressing and important international issues. Join a team of international volunteers that offers sanctuary, education and support to girls who are at risk or have fallen victim to the exploitation of the South East Asian sex trade.

Volunteering in Thailand – A day in the life

Our volunteers are expected to contribute in almost any way their ambition leads them. Unlike some of our assignments, this project is not summed up in a well-organized, daily regimen of chores and routine tasks. Instead, volunteers may find themselves gardening, building, fixing things, painting, teaching English as a foreign language, working in the office, helping with homework and raising funds. At all times, the volunteer’s primary responsibility is to show these girls that they are loved, assuring them that there are caring people out there to look after them and their wellbeing.

Girl's Home 6

The girls are of differing ages, but most are in their mid-teens. Throughout the mornings and afternoons, while the girls are at school, volunteers are expected to help with various chores around the office, garden and accommodation. Evenings are spent engaging the girls in fun activities, helping with homework, cooking and just being a big brother or sister.

This project site is located on a rural stretch of road that connects the city of Dhaka to the mountains, where our volunteers experience the real Bangladesh. This is a world away from any Western influence or the busy streets of Dhaka. Mountains, farms and the occasional Buddhist temple mark the landscape. Volunteers stay at the project site from Wednesday to Sunday night, with accommodation and all meals shared with other volunteers at the project site.

Volunteer Tasks

Your contribution in this project is directly related to your abilities and desire. Help is needed and welcomed in all areas of the project site. In the mornings, you may try your hand at gardening or cooking, whereas in the afternoons, you might end up joining other volunteers in organizing a well-earned game of Frisbee for the girls after a long day at school. This project only asks that you bring, do and contribute what you can. It’s a hands-on assignment. In fact, we expect volunteers’ hands to get dirty from hard work, but also to enjoy the playful claps and high fives that come with introducing new games and activities.

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand Bring, do and contribute what you can is the philosophy of this project and we don’t want any pair of hands to go without a bit of dirt, hard work and the playful claps and high fives of a new game.

It takes a certain type of volunteer to work with children who have been exploited and abused. The focus here is determining what you can do to help. Building relationships with children who have endured a very difficult past can be challenging. However, the rewards are substantial – even immeasurable – for hard-working volunteers. This is not a project for the immature or weak-hearted. Instead, these girls need someone with a stable, robust character who really wants to make a difference.

Volunteer Qualifications

Both men and women are welcomed in this project. Volunteers need to be over the age of 20, but do not need any specific qualifications, but should have a basic knowledge of building, gardening, office work and working with teenagers.

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Friends for Asia requires all volunteers in this project (and all other projects where volunteers work directly with or near children) to submit a certified police background check before volunteer service begins.