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Volunteering with Children

Volunteering with Children in Bangladesh

Across Asia volunteers are doing amazing things to help some of the disadvantaged communities in the region. While many in the regions continue to see their quality of life get better, many others all too often fall through the cracks and live in substandard conditions. Volunteering in Asia is a great way to help others while living and travelling in an exciting culture.

Of all the countries in Southeast Asia where volunteers are needed, Bangladesh offers experiences that volunteers don’t get in other countries. People in Bangladesh live in some of the poorest conditions on the continent, which gives volunteers countless ways they can lend a hand.

Bangladesh suffers from many socio-economic struggles and many of these struggles fall on the shoulders of young children in the community. Without strong education and services, many of the children of Bangladesh are left to fend for themselves all to often. Moreover, many children must work in order to help support their families or have lost their parents and must grow up too early. But this gives opportunities for volunteers to make a tremendous impact in the lives of children in Bangladesh. In the communities that are stricken with poverty, working with children may be one of the best ways to make a positive and lasting impression on the lives of everyone in the community.

Working in an Orphanage in Bangladesh

As you think about what kind of volunteer work you would like to do in Bangladesh there are many ways you can help. Working in hospitals or schools is a great way to see sides of the culture that most do not get a chance to see. Many volunteers decide to work in an orphanage, interacting directly with the less fortunate children in the community. Children in orphanages in Bangladesh have lived through some rough ordeals within the short span of their life, and volunteers have a chance to give them the love and attention that they so greatly deserve.

A typical day working at an orphanage may consist of getting the kids ready in the morning, eating breakfast, and getting them to school. Many times volunteers will also have the chance to teach the children as well as help out in the day to day operations of the orphanage. At first, volunteers may need some help getting into the swing of things, but the local help at the orphanages will be able to help you get acclimated. After a few days, volunteers will get accustomed to the operations and be able to help out in any way that they can.

Teaching the children happens outside of the classroom as well as inside. Volunteers who work in an orphanage have opportunities to teach children around the clock. Many times, children will learn more outside of a strict school setting. As you interact with the children throughout the day, even the smallest conversations can help develop a child’s curiosity toward the world outside of their community. As with the other locals, children will also see that you have come a long way with no other intention than to be a positive part of their community. This sparks the curiosity within the child, making them wonder what life is like outside of their small world. Even the smallest push may send the child down a different path.

More than anything, these children need love and attention. For these children, live hasn’t always been comfortable. Many of them have seen and gone through hardships that we don’t face in the west. Having someone there that will smile and play with them can help the children focus on the positive and not the negative. When a child in Bangladesh sees a volunteer come from another part of the world to their community, it can get them interested in a world outside of their own. Giving children curiosity and the chance to meet and play with people from another country can put them on a path to better their own lives and the lives of others in the community.

Even the smallest act of kindness will go along way when you are working at a orphanage in Bangladesh. All too often these children must face harsh realities in their community. Being a volunteer in these communities shows children another side of the world that they might not be exposed to otherwise. Teaching them English and other skills while working there can help the children improve their skills so that one day they may be able to get a better job or seek higher education. The impacts you can have on the lives of the children in Bangladesh are limitless.

Volunteer Challenges

When volunteering with children in Bangladesh, volunteers will face some challenges and it’s good to have an idea of what these challenges may be in order to get the most out of your volunteering experience. Life in Bangladesh is hard, and people in Bangladesh lvie without many modern comforts that we enjoy back home. As a volunteer, you will live much like the locals do. Many volunteers experience some culture shock when they first arrive but soon fall in love with the more simple way of life.

Volunteering in Bangladesh exposes you to a world very different from your own. Living and working in impoverished communities puts you in the position to see what life is truly like for the people who live in Bangladesh day in and day out. Seeing the struggles that the people of Bangladesh go through can be difficult for some but it’s important to remember that your presence in the community is greatly appreciated.

One challenge volunteers face while living in Bangladesh is the lack of modern conveniences. Western food options are scarce especially in the rural communities. Many volunteers quickly forget this though because of all the delicious cuisine you can find in the communities that you are living in. Many volunteers soon forget their cravings for western food after they explore some of the options in the local restaurants. ATM’s are less common in Bangladesh than back home, so it’s important to plan ahead and get whatever cash you may need before heading out in to the communities you serve.

Volunteer Rewards

The challenges volunteers face while working in the impoverished communities of Bangladesh may be difficult at first, but once you acclimate to the pace of life you will find that the rewards of volunteering with children in Bangladesh far outweigh the challenges.

Working with children can give each child new advantages in their lives. As you interact with the children everyday, you have countless opportunities to show them love and compassion. Being a positive part of a child’s life can have implications long after your volunteering experience is over. Even after you have left, the seeds you plant while working with orphans in Bangladesh can put the children on a path to a better life.

Moving to the other side of the world to help people in disadvantaged communities will change the way you look at the world. While at first the change may be difficult, at the end of your time volunteering you will have made new friends from all over the world. The relationships you build while volunteering will stay with you for a lifetime. Everyone involved from the local volunteer staff, the children, and the foreign volunteers themselves are deeply impacted by the experiences they gain in Bangladesh. Volunteers will take the experiences they gain while working with children home with them. These experiences will stay with you for a lifetime and change the way you live in your own community, no matter where that may be.